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'Kanazawa No Bo' DVD

€ 20.00 each
DVD Format

Nintai Productions is proud to announce the launch of a new DVD featuring a rare aspect of Kanazawa Hirokazu Sensei's teachings - Bo kata for Shotokan.

This DVD is produced and performed by Seamus O'Dowd, 5th Dan SKIF. It is introduced by Kanazawa Hirokazu himself, and features Kanazawa Nobuaki Sensei demonstrating the kata and applications.

Kanazawa Hirokazu Sensei has long been recognised as one of the world's great martial arts masters and innovators. Now, for the first time, he has allowed the Bo Kata that he created more than 30 years ago to be recorded and taught.

"Kanazawa No Bo Dai" and "Kanazawa No Bo Sho" are two very dynamic kata that relate directly to both Shotokan karate and kobudo.

"This production has taken Martial Arts learning - through DVD - to a higher level. It is easy to follow and interesting, informative and dynamic. Master Kanazawa understands the benefit of weapon training. The innovative techniques expressed in these two 'Kanazawa no Bo' kata are pure Art. All leaders of Karate should seriously consider that their students would be better off for having some insight into weaponry, as an extension of Karate-do."

- Stan Schmidt, Chief Instructor, South Africa JKA

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